I found Magnolia Pet Wellness and Dr. Barbier accidentally and I’m so happy I did. Dr. Barbier’s warm, friendly approach is fantastic. She takes her time listening to what’s going on and offering different solutions. My little Rembrandt has very bad feline asthma that has required him to get steriod injections every couple of months for the past few years. The steroids can be very dangerous over time. Rembrandt is undergoing acupuncture from Dr. B. to help his asthma and reduce his need for steroids in the future

In addition to helping Rembrandt, I brought my eldest, Jasper, in because he has stopped eating and has withdrawn from the rest of the family. Dr. B. really took her time examining him and learning about the changes going on with him. We aren’t sure what’s going on with him just yet, but I have every confidence in Dr. Barbier and the caring staff.
– Dawn

I have 9 week old puppy and my friend recommended Dr. Barbier , we went there and everything was perfect! There is whole team of people caring for your pet! Dr. Barbier was very nice and friendly and gave us a lot of time for all the questions I had about our new puppy! The groomer also came and showed me how to take care of my puppies hair! Even the lady at front desk was so nice and gave my daughter attention and little gifts to make everybody’s day at the Vet special! Rooms are cozy nice and very clean! I highly recommend this place!

So refreshing to not have to put my dog in a stainless steel table for an exam. I love the rooms and how Dr. Barbier gets down on the floor with my dog to help him feel more comfortable. We had a great experience and will definitely return.
– Camie

I had great experience here with my Vizsla. As my lovely dog never had any boarding experience anywhere else, I was really concerned when I left him at Magnolia Pet Wellness Center for 7 days. During his stay I was kept updated about my dog’s health and behavior. All staff were super friendly. Especially I would like to thank Tiffany who became friends with my dog from the very beginning. Also I’d like to mention Dr Barbier who I found to be really professional. Overall I highly recommend Magnolia Pet Wellness Center to all pet owners. Thank you so much for everything.
– Victoria

I love this place and so does my pug Barney. The vet is great and the groomer is awesome.
– Donde

Looking for a new vet, then check out Magnolia Pet Wellness Center. Dr. Barbier is fantastic. It’s easy to tell she really loves her job and cares about our pets. The clinic rooms are great, no steel exam tables, instead futon beds making both dog and owner comfortable. Give Magnolia a try. You won’t be disappointed in the quality of care for your pet.
– Patricia

This place has been great to our 2 doggies! Very comfortable for us and our furry family members!
– Erin

Dr Barbier and the whole staff are awesome. Location is convenient on St Rose Pkwy across the M Resort. I love the fact she takes a natural approach to health wellness, Accupuncture, herbs, etc. We feel like we are part of the Magnolia family! We have had other issues with other vets in the Southern Highlands area. I’m so glad Dr Barbier is here. Also, they have a groomer and boarding facilities that are adorable. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my baby. They truly go above and beyond!!!!!!
– Cindy

Very nice facility. Staff is very friendly and welcoming. They truly care about your pets! I love the exam rooms. They have small “futon” looking beds in them and no cold metal exam tables! You can sit on the beds with your pets to help them stay calm and enjoy their visit. Reasonably priced. They even have a punch care for $100 off you bill when the card is filled!
– Amy

State of the art facility. Very impressed with diagnostic imaging and surgery suite and ICU for pets. Boarding area is very roomy. I know pets are going to be safe and comfortable. Loved care my pets received.
– Maria

I recently brought my dog in for vaccines. I love the “fear free” environment this hospital provides. Not having to put my 80 pound dog up on a cold metal exam table was so nice. Instead he got to relax on a nice comfy futon. Definitely a less stressful event for myself and my fur baby! Everyone was so nice and welcoming. Their boarding suites are so cool, I hate to leave my pets but I’d be happy knowing their comfortably hanging out in the princess themed room, sleeping on a full toddler bed, and me having live feed camera access to check in on them whenever I want! We will definitely be back!
– Taylor

Bill and I wanted to give a shout out to Dr. Christina Barbier at Magnolia Pet Wellness Center and her wonderful caring staff. Dr. Barbier is working hard to get our little Poochers through this very serious and sudden health challenge. Kudos to Dr. Barbier for making such a welcoming Center, we love everything about her and this Center. Special thanks to Lynn, Megan, Tiffany, Taylor, Elizabeth, and Luann for being so supportive, caring and professional. Since Dr. Barbier practices Integrative Medicine, we knew she would be the best vet to save his life and now, today, he is doing so much better! We know he is rounding the bend on his road to recovery. We are so very grateful to Dr. Barbier and this wonderful Wellness Center. She and her staff feel like family now and we’re really glad all of them now belong to Team Poochers!!

This place is a pet lover’s dream. I’ve been taking my pets to Dr. Barbier for several years and was so happy to find she finally opened her own place. I’ve found her to be the best of the best. The staff is very friendly and they are very keen on showing you their state of the art , well I was going to call it a clinic but that term just doesn’t do it justice. It truly is a wellness center. All of its equipment is brand new, but what isn’t is the compassion, care and love I saw from everyone who works there. The care is top notch and they even feature “themed” separate boarding rooms that are more like little hotel rooms than a pen. There are no chain links here at all. Also each room has its own closed circuit video system so that Dr.s can keep a close eye on our pets and it allows each owner to check in on their pet anytime using their computer or smartphone. The whole place is really off the charts. Keep up the great work! Oh, and did I mention the prices are right too.
– Kelly