We sincerely appreciate when a client trusts us enough to recommend us to their friends, family and acquaintances. We would like to start giving back to our loyal clients and thank you for continuing to help our practice grow.

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Every time a new client brings in a referral card with your name written on the back as the referral source, we will apply a $5.00 credit on YOUR account for future products or services for your pet(s). The more new clients you refer, the more credits you receive!

Stop in anytime and pick up some of our referral cards or email us at staff@magnoliapetwc.com and we will mail some out to you.

Remind your family and friends to use your referral cards so you may receive your reward! We hope to see you, your family and friends pets very soon.

Legal Disclaimer:

The term “referral” is used to describe a new client to Magnolia Pet Wellness Center. Each new pet owner, not each new pet, is considered a new referral. We reserve the right to change or modify this program at any time without notice. We also reserve the right to deny any client the benefits of the Referral Thank You Program if we deem that the program is being misused or altered in any way.